REVIEW: Proficient X - How I got my Porsche CQuartz coated and XPEL paint protected

Andy and his team totally blew my mind. If you're looking to protect your new ride, these guys are the way to go

Okay, so all my friends have been getting their cars ceramic coated, but I had never tried it and honestly kinda thought it was a scam. But everyone I knew raved about it so when I got my new Porsche 992 Aerokit, I decided to go and find the top installer in town.

I knew I wanted to get XPEL clear bra on the front-end of my car as my previous M3 was well served by this product. It literally stopped every rock from chipping my paint all throughout the 7 years I owned this beauty.

I didn’t want to waste too much time so I wanted a shop in Orlando that could install both car coatings and XPEL clear bra in the same day and I ended up choosing Proficient X because they had already worked on hundreds of Porsches and are well known within the local Porsche community.

Andy, the owner, recommended we use CQuartz as he said it was the best he ever used and tested over his years of installing ceramic coatings.

So I went with the top of the line CQuartz coating - CQuartz Finest Reserve, and holy fuck guys, this new product is definitely not a scam!

I’ve never owned a car so shiny and hydrophobic. It’s so nice, I don’t even feel like driving it anymore. The experience was super smooth, I brought in the car on a Monday and by Tuesday afternoon my 992 was fully coated and had XPEL Ultimate installed on the front bumper, hood, fenders and the lower lips

On my last BMW, you could see some of the paint protection film edges, but Proficient X installed it differently so that you didn’t see any edges which greatly improve the appearance of the XPEL.

Honestly, if you want to best ceramic coatings for cars and XPEL clear bra and aren’t too focused on budget, Proficient X is the place to choose in Orlando! Find them at